#TedixEvan take Seattle :: in film

Took a few test shots back in our apartment before leaving. This one is more of a happy accident.

Now I’m a couple days behind in the vlog. Consistency is not my forte. Then again, I’m on holidays, so I can do what I want. And last night I wanted to drink some snapple sized beers on the couch with my fiancé and her friend, whose place we’re now staying.


It’s a cute little two bedroom apartment with a minimalist modern-retro design, much like from the movie Her. Parking around the area is a huge big fat bitch. We maybe drove around for 20 minutes only to squeeze into a tiny space that may or may not be legal to park.


I was thinking, maybe in the future there will be a law about how big of a car you can own in a certain area of the city. These Smart cars take up almost half the amount of space of an average car, and I highly doubt that every one of those full size cars are being packed with four people every morning for a commute. It’s just wasted space. At least the majority of the people in Seattle know how to park. That can’t be said for Winnipeg.


Anyways, yesterday we got our film roll developed at Panda Labs and we downloaded the files this morning. Wow, I love film! Kind of silly how I own a $2000 camera, yet I’m more enthralled by these photos taken with a hand-me-down camera on film from Walmart.


I’m also shocked at how much it costs to develop film. It was $20 for one roll, developed and scanned but no prints. Crazy! I remember back in the day I could get a roll of prints for around $10.


Even though it’s about a buck a shot, it’s so worth it. The colours and the grain of film just can’t compare to digital. I mean, it can be done on digital with editing and filters, but there’s a greater connection to a photo taken on film. It’s not some collection of coloured pixels. It’s chemicals so sensitive to light that when exposed, that 1/125th of a second moment is burned into this film strip. No bytes. No computers. Just science. I’m romanticizing the point by now, but still… film is enthralling.


Speaking of enthralling… Tedi is a goddess. Lucky me!



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